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john barr ARCHITECTS

​John Barr Architects was established in 1990 and completed a wide range of projects, sometimes working alone and sometimes in joint venture with other design offices and contractors. The ability to form different teams to suit the requirements of the project proved invaluable in addressing the needs of each client individually.

The practice completed a wide variety of projects encompassing: building design, interior design, urban regeneration and masterplanning. Project types included: Commercial, Residential, Educational, Health Care, Entertainment, Hospitality, Exhibition, Research, Transport. 

The practice was fully committed to pursuing the goals of affordability, carbon-footprint reduction and sustainability and, since 2002, was proactive in initiating and leading research projects and developing  systems that addressed those issues.

John Barr retired from practice in 2023 but continues to conduct research and to photograph and write about architecture.

Image from In Search of In'ei research project

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